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Our Recent Work

What has the school council been working on so far this year?

We have;

  • Zoned the playgrounds so that all children can play safely at playtimes.
  • Organised the playground equipment and carried out interviews to allocate equipment monitors for each class.
  • Presented an assembly to staff and pupils about safe play at playtimes.
  • Designed and made suggestion boxes for each class.
  • Set up and managed a club for children to come and share Match Attack and Pokémon cards.
  • Advertised, shortlisted and interviewed for children to become road safety officers.

What has the school council got planned?

In liaison with our classes we would like to;

  • Improve playtimes by creating art and reading kits, which can be enjoyed by all.
  • Raise money for our future ideas by setting up class enterprise projects.