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Pupil Premium

Cherry Burton CE Primary School

Pupil Premium Allocation Statement 2017 / 2018


At Cherry Burton School we aim to make sure that every pupil receives high quality teaching and learning experiences that are tailored to meet their individual needs.

We are keenly aware that any pupil who is vulnerable will benefit from additional support and use the Pupil Premium Grant to that end. We recognise that not all pupils who are in receipt of free meals are socially disadvantaged, and, equally, recognise that some pupils who do not qualify for free meals may well be vulnerable or disadvantaged. To this end, the school allocates its Pupil Premium Grant to supporting any pupil, or group of pupils, who will benefit from additional provision or support.

Allocation of Pupil Premium 2017 / 2018 - £18,480




Grant Share

Desired Outcomes

Additional classroom support for teaching and learning

To accelerate the rate of progress.

To help pupils to meet age – related expectations


Pupils in receipt of PPG make at least expected progress and meet or exceed age related expectations

Emotional support provided by ELSA trained TA

To support the emotional health and well - being of children facing barriers to learning due to anxiety

To increase support for families


Pupils have increased resilience to deal with everyday situations

Families feel appropriately supported to manage anxiety at home

Outdoor learning initiative and training

To ensure pupils eligible for PPG have opportunities to thrive and learn in an outdoor learning environment


Pupils eligible for PPG are keen and enthusiastic learners

Access to outdoor learning has a clear and positive impact upon the mental health and well - being of pupils

Support towards enrichment and personal development activities including music lessons, pedestrian skills, Bikeability, educational visits, Y6 residential

To enable children eligible for PPG to access additional activities, including outdoor adventure learning and arts participation activities that might not be accessible to them without this support.


Confidence and resilience of identified pupils in receipt of PPG will improve

Funding to provide non – contact time for SENDco to support parents and staff of children on the SEN register in receipt of PPG

To ensure pupils in receipt of PPG on the SEN register are in receipt of appropriate, targeted support in order to make progress in line with their peers


Pupils in receipt of the PPG who are on the SEN register are accessing appropriate support

Relationships with other agencies are strengthened

Families are appropriately supported

Pupils make progress at least in line with their peers



Cherry Burton CE Primary School

Pupil Premium Evaluation Statement 2016 / 17


The Pupil Premium Grant was allocated to the following areas:


  1. Additional classroom support for teaching and learning.

  2. Intervention to support PPG pupils who are on the able child register.

  3. Financial support for educational visits

  4. Access to music lessons through funding the cost of lessons through the LA.

  5. Access to additional swimming lessons in the summer term






Number of pupils

Working Towards ARE


Working above ARE

Year 1





Year 2





Year 3





Year 4





Year 5





Year 6






  1. The school purchased the White Rose Maths scheme and higher level reading texts. 5 pupils are now working above age related expectations compared with 2 the previous academic year

  2. One family whose child was in receipt of the pupil premium grant received the full cost of transport and accommodation for the residential trip to Robinwood.

    Assistance with the cost of transport to educational visits was made available to PPG pupils and other disadvantaged pupils’ families.

  3. Two children in receipt of the pupil premium grant were provided with an instrument and access to instrumental lessons through the Local Authority’s peripatetic teaching service.

  4. Three children attended swimming lessons in the summer term. Two were non swimmers and made huge progress with water confidence and one increased the distance they were previously able to swim.