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What is E-Safety?

E-Safety includes internet technologies, electronic communications via mobile phones, games consoles and wireless technology.

The world of internet technologies has a huge potential to enrich a child's learning and develop social skills. Encourage your child to stick to the fun and positive websites, that develop their and your family interests. However there are potential dangers too...


What are the potential risks for children?

  • Potential contact from someone on line who may wish to harm them. Children need to understand the 'stranger-danger' rule in a online context. Children are taught to never give out personal details or meet alone with anyone they've contacted via the internet.
  • Unsuitable content 
  • Excessive advertising which can invade your child's privacy. Encourage your child not to fill out forms which ask for a lot of personal details.


Mobile phones-encourage your child not to give out their mobile numbers to strangers or people they cannot trust completely. Talk about the sort of text messages your child is receiving and sending.


What about filters?

Filtering software can block inappropriate material, but they are not always 100% effective, so good supervision is still necessary. Internet use at school is closely filtered closely by the local authority system. However children may use the Net at internet cafes, clubs or friend's homes which may not have the same level of filters or supervision. It is important that children are aware how to behave online and discuss any problems they come across.

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